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Re: F8 artwork

Mark wrote:
Hereby i present you with my first Work In Progress image:
some explenation. - Why the orange taskbar? well i like to try something completely different.. it`s just a mockup and comments or critics are more than welcome

My personal preference is to have the panel (taskbar) transparent (partial transparency).

- Why the blue window bar?
well.. fedora`s main color is blue right ^_^

I find it a little too bright.

I also noted the color gradient used wor the window border, is techincally possible to have something like this?

@ release scedule
that`s tight!! and i have no theming experience in kde nor gnome at this moment.. o well.. i will do my best.

Keep in mind F8 is aiming for a short 5 months release schedule, so everything is tight. With that in perspective, I thing one month for defining some basic concepts is OK, maybe the second milestone for polishing somehow tight (but not impossible) and the third, another full month, for fully-polishing enough again, at that time we should have a clear idea and the final polishing is to a large degree mechanical.

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