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Re: F8 artwork

On 08/06/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
Máirí-n Duffy wrote:
> - Milestone 4: Mon 10 Sept - concept discussion for F8 marketing
> materials on the marketing list. Come up with a standard tagline for the
> release the way we did "Reach higher" for the new static FPO website,
> and maybe some promo banner ideas as well.

This is fine.
If I understand you correctly, the tagline is related to the graphic
theme (DNA - Evolved, FlyingHigh - Reach higher)

I did, to be honest, miss this idea completely! I think it could be
fun to have a caption competition open to a wider audience, maybe a
FedoraForum thread or something. It may bring in more ideas.

> Also to make my meaning clear, by 'basic' I'm thinking just an abstract
> (likely blue) graphic style with a plain Fedora logo and that's it. No
> balloons, dna, bubbles, or anything like that. :) So it could have a
> style, and that style could even complement what the theme is, but it
> wouldn't have the balloons or whatever the theme element is in it. (Does
> that make sense?)

Say instead something like "Tentacles" or "GNOME Curves" (with a Fedora
touch) from the default selection of wallpapers and I am sold.

So, in a way, a background of a wallpaper without a definate subject?

>> Question: F7 changed the icon theme to Myst partly to match the blue
>> of the rest of the desktop. We will do something similar in F8 or the
>> opposite (do the desktop artwork to fit the icon theme). The same
>> about Metacity.
> +1 They need to match somehow. Problem is we don't know if we can depend
> on Echo at this point.

Call me pessimistic, but I have my doubts about Echo.

I think it will take a lot of time and work to say the least. Methinks
it will be done when it's done and until then we will have to keep
Mist or something a little more fresh than Bluecurve.

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