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Re: F8 artwork

Hi folks,

I also made a metacity/kwm theme mockup [1]. I also provide svg [2] in
case anyone would like to polish/rework it. The main ideas are:

1. usage of echo colours
2. decent gradients, echoey style
3. different coloured buttons, as it could help user faster distinguish
the difference
4. only upper corners rounded, bottom ones squared
5. gradient only in title bar, border solid, continuous transition from
the title bar
6. echoy style outline

Please not that its an very early draft and is meant only to express the
ideas. While I am quite content with the title bar and border, the
buttons are at the moment not very nice, IMO. Feel free to modify,
comment and criticise it :)

And, well... this is only for focused window, the other ones might be in
grey scale or at least with very small saturation...

Also, we would need to explore how it would fit with gtk/qt style...

[1] http://feannatar.hostuju.cz/fedora/downloads/metacity-draft.png
[2] http://feannatar.hostuju.cz/fedora/downloads/metacity-draft.svg

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