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Re: F8 artwork

Nicu Buculei wrote:
If we really, really get stuck and end up with more than one really
awesome theme by the round 3 deadline, we can always hold a vote of
Fedora contributors similar to the F7 naming vote process. I'm hoping
that it won't be necessary, though. If we don't have any completely
finished to the specifications above by the deadline, we can dig in and
work on the one that's closest to being complete at that point.

And if we have just only one theme at that point? Will we have the authority to endorse it as the way to go? For F7 nobody objected because the decision was made by a supreme, unquestionable authority (RH Desktop Team), maybe we should define clearly the process and our relation with the Desktop Team.

Well, I think there are two things we can do to help avoid the issues we had last release:

- We should be as open and as transparent as possible wrt our progress on the themes. We should post to Planet Fedora for example, at least every two weeks on the situation so there are no surprises for anyone involved by the time the 3rd and final theme deadline is reached. Remember also that the major bits need to be implemented by the final deadline so hopefully we will have folks from Desktop assisting with that process thus they'll be aware of the stuff we're coming up with and be able to give their input.

- We could have a representative of Desktop team and a representative of the Fedora board to give a signoff on the final theme design, to make sure they agree its a proper representation of Fedora and the desktop. We should make sure each of these representatives is made aware of how we're doing along with posting our updates.

Sound reasonable? Paul is already our representative to the Board I think; would you be willing to be the desktop liaison, Matthias?

Do these dates make sense? If so, would anybody object to me going ahead
and announcing the F8 theme process? - I'm thinking a Fedora News
announcement, here on this list + marketing + websites list,
fedoraforum.org, and I can make a post on Fedora Planet as well.

I think the dates are just fine, go ahead with the announcements.

Will do :)

- Milestone 4: Mon 10 Sept - concept discussion for F8 marketing
materials on the marketing list. Come up with a standard tagline for the
release the way we did "Reach higher" for the new static FPO website,
and maybe some promo banner ideas as well.

This is fine.
If I understand you correctly, the tagline is related to the graphic theme (DNA - Evolved, FlyingHigh - Reach higher)

Yep exactly, so it makes sense to come up with this after the graphic theme is decided.

- Milestone 5: Mon 24 Sept - finalize artwork/design for F8 DVD/CD
labels and sleeves. At least a professional-printer (eg screenprinting)
ready version of each needs to be made of the labels - 3 or 4 colors at
most. An additional set with more colors / more complex design could
also be prepared for home users with inkjet printers.

Is not this a little earlier? Those last milestones my go in parallel schedule, CD covers are not blockers for screenshots in the press kit and are not blocked by the promo banners, all of them use the release theming as a root.

Do you think the promo kit should come first? I was thinking that a lot of folks block on the disc designs, folks who are holding launch events and magazines and such. And the disc designs could be included in the promo kit.

Anyway, we should create a page similar to the ThemingOverview for all those marketing related graphics, as a central point of reference.

- Milestone 7: Mon 15 October - finalize fedoraproject.org promotional
materials. Probably will consist of: (1) F8 tour with screenshots, (2)
big promo banner for the front page of the site at launch time. Work
with the websites and infrastructure teams to get a staging site set up
and ready to go for the final release date.

Another "yes" from me on this.

Maybe yet another milestone working with the documentation people on the Firefox start page?

This is a great idea, I totally forget this. We could include this task in the milestone with the FPO materials.

Also to make my meaning clear, by 'basic' I'm thinking just an abstract
(likely blue) graphic style with a plain Fedora logo and that's it. No
balloons, dna, bubbles, or anything like that. :) So it could have a
style, and that style could even complement what the theme is, but it
wouldn't have the balloons or whatever the theme element is in it. (Does
that make sense?)

Say instead something like "Tentacles" or "GNOME Curves" (with a Fedora touch) from the default selection of wallpapers and I am sold.

+1 Something along those lines with a small Fedora logo is what I was thinking "basic" would be.


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