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WIP - Fedora 8 theme


today i also posted this wip in the Fedora 8 artwork thread but it`s better to have this in a thread of its own.

So hereby i present you with my first fedora window theme mockup ever (i`ve made mockups before but never for a window manager or a operating system)
Feel free to post any critics here.. and for the mockup itself.. i have absolutely no idea if some parts are possible or not.. i just make a mockup and deal with the technical issues later on. This theme is intended for the KDE desktop but will probably work just fine on Gnome aswell.

Note that i`m not completely happy with the close, minimize and maximize images yet.. the style arround it with the green glow looks good to me but again not sure if that`s even possible.

Here is the WIP

commens and critics? ^_^

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