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Re: WIP - Fedora 8 theme

On Sat, 2007-06-09 at 13:46 +0200, Mark wrote:
>         I don't know why but your mockups looks for me like Wista ;)
>         +1 It really is better and to me it resembles Vista too. 
> i did  wanted to add this in my previous message: "i`m not trying to
> mimic vista"
I know, it's just a resemblance, nothing more :) Maybe it's because the
glassy kind of shine? You could maybe try gradient instead of the
"colour jump" in the middle (that's maybe what resembles Vista most).

> i thought it wasn`t needed.. but the taskbar is indeed inspired by XP
> and Vista but not a copy of xp or vista!! 
> and i didn`t even add in the glow stuff in the tasks.. if that was in
> it would have reminded you about vista alot more ;)
> and here is a updated view..
> changed:
> - slightly different taskbar
> - other blue colors in the panel 
> - border arround the window is decreased by 50% (that thick border how
> it was would probably also remind you of vista)
> and here it is again:
> http://img385.imageshack.us/img385/8580/kdebattlewip4gt4.png

Hm... nice, to me only the panel now slightly resembles Vista, but let's
not talk about Vista... you are making Fedora theme... so... Could you
consider using as the basis the colour palette used by Echo icons[1]?



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