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Re: Nodoka - Fedora Theme Draft

yea you can start right away ^_-
i will probably need to look over the same documentation aswell.. (that`s the boring part)

2007/6/10, Martin Sourada < martin sourada seznam cz>:
On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 00:13 +0200, Mark wrote:
> my exams are just over
> so you are gonna do your stuff in Metacity and i in KDE... perhaps we
> could do eachothers themes in the other window manager aswell?

> so: you do my theme in Metacity nad i do yours in KDE (i`ve never made
> any theme in KDE ^_^)

Hm... I though I could learn something... my vacations probably starts
at the beginning of Jule and I will have plenty of time until October,
so I considered that I could also learn how to make a KDE theme (and I
also considered gxine hacking, it lacks some features I'd like to have).
But as Metacity goes, I did only one theme so far, and it was only
incomplete modification of another theme, I think I'll need to read
docs... But I'll need also to learn GTK and QT theming for the other
part of the theme... Well, at least my vacations won't be boring :D

But if you would want to make your theme by me in Metacity nonetheless,
I will gladly do (after I finish the exams).

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