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Re: Nodoka - Fedora Theme Draft

On Sun, 2007-06-10 at 22:11 +0200, Ben Arnold wrote:
> To give my 2pence on these ideas, I like the thicker border, it seems
> easier to resize - something to grab hold of.
I am still not decided about the borders, but ATM I am more inclined to
the thin ones - they save space and seems to me that they are a little
nicer... About resize you are probably right, at least from
psychological point of view... grabbing of line might seem more
difficult than grabbing of a "tube".

> As for the icons, the ones at the bottom centre that fill the bar
> without the effects go well with the saturation of the title bar
> colour and the background wallpapers.
I personally prefer the softer version of these (third column, middle
row), it also seems to me that it match the echo icons slightly better.

> The rollover effect could be that shown in the bottom-right image.
> Keep up the good work!
Yep, that seems reasonable. :)

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