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Re: F8 artwork

On 6/7/07, Mark wrote:
So yea if i`m the first who can actually show something with theming (not
mocking up but really making it work in kde) than i would like to be the
first one :)

Talking about kde,
what is really the path we are going to take
- crystal like (my favourite) ?
- gnome like (german kde core developpers will accuse us again for
destroying their work) ?

However, like i said before, we should bear in mind KDE4 is different
from KDE3.5. Meaning your work on kde3.5 might not be ported to kde4.
My request would be to work on several kde images such as:
- login / logout screens
- kcontrol main page
- kde metabar. (I have requested (and it was accepted for F7) a fedora
5 metabar )
Perhaps it could be updated accordingly.
more https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-art-list/2006-December/msg00206.html

Surely any design should be fedora related but fedora release
independent. For KDE4, many apps will have their artwork revamp, so
staying tune with upstream is imminent.


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