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Re: F8 artwork

Máirí­n Duffy wrote:
Nicu Buculei wrote:

- We could have a representative of Desktop team and a representative of the Fedora board to give a signoff on the final theme design, to make sure they agree its a proper representation of Fedora and the desktop. We should make sure each of these representatives is made aware of how we're doing along with posting our updates.

Sound reasonable? Paul is already our representative to the Board I think; would you be willing to be the desktop liaison, Matthias?

I would like to hear from them even is just a single "+" or "-" at each milestone, but this is the idea.

Do you think the promo kit should come first? I was thinking that a lot of folks block on the disc designs, folks who are holding launch events and magazines and such. And the disc designs could be included in the promo kit.

Maybe we should hear a word about this from the people using the promo kit and the CD labels to see if the dates are OK

Say instead something like "Tentacles" or "GNOME Curves" (with a Fedora touch) from the default selection of wallpapers and I am sold.

+1 Something along those lines with a small Fedora logo is what I was thinking "basic" would be.

My first reaction was like this: no matter how low is my creativity at this particular point, I should be able to put together a few curly stripes and an very discrete logo but then got struck by an idea: the basic theme can be an extremely simplified and stylized shape illustrating the base metaphor as the complex theme. For example a basic F7 theme would be a big rounded blob (the balloon) and a few wavy stripes (the sky).

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