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Re: Fedora 8 Artwork, FedoraForum discussion summary

yea.. there where some fedora planet proposals..
here it is:

but to continue with the wallpaper idea.
with the previous wallpaper there was a comment (from a fedora official if i`m correct) that stated that the clouds where symbolic and could be seen that fedora is a rising project. so to continue in that idea the ocean will perhaps be vissable but not from below ^_^.

perhaps something like this is a good idea:

but if the fedora officials want to continue that idea than Fedora 9 will need to have a space picture that`s looking down to earth.. and so on..
like this:
http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/downloads/00045_aquanight_1920x1200.jpg (only than a real image and not a toon like drawing)

Fedora 20 (give or take a few) will need to have something like this:

so better give up the rising idea in time ;) could work for fedora 8 and perhaps 9 but after that... ^_^

2007/6/11, Máirín Duffy < duffy redhat com>:
Mark wrote:
> i believe the moon/planet stuff has been tried with Fedora 7 and didn`t
> work
> out well. (the attempts where nice)

It didn't?


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