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Re: Nodoka - Fedora Theme Draft

On Mon, 2007-06-11 at 15:02 +0200, Mark wrote:
> that last button set is exactly what i had in mind for my theme :) it
> just doesn`t seem to fit right so i left it out. in your case it also
> doesn`t seem to fit the theme.. but the attempt is nice.
Yep, they look very interesting, but as majority of the other ones,
don't fit there somehow...

> About the darker window. that`s looks alot better!! :) 
I thought it too when I first tried it. :) IMO it goes better with the
button colours I used...

> About the taskbar..
> i like the blue background of the "Applications" but other than that i
> don`t really like the taskbar.. perhaps it looks better when you blend
> in the test color a little?
Maybe you are right, as I tested different hues, saturations and
brightnesses I grow to like this one, but it might be that I look too
much on it :) What test colour do you mean? Do you mean I should add
more blue, or make it brighter/darker, or less/more saturated? Or is the
test colour reference meant to the yellow-orange I talked about?

> Good luck, 
> Mark.

Thanks for your comments,

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