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Re: Fedora RHGB Remix

the only thing i like in that is the change of the spinner.
and even that might not be wist to change because it reminds of the vista spinner.
your attempt is nice but somehow it doesn`t seem to be a (big) improvement.

2007/6/13, John Baer <baerjj gmail com>:

We spoke some time back about providing guidance to folks who desire to
customize Fedora artwork to meet their needs. In an effort to honor that
commitment I created a Wiki page titled Fedora 7 Remix @
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/ArtTeamProjects/Fedora7Remix for
your consideration.

I did not remove the *Under development* banner pending your comments
and improvements. Once these pages are complete and if it is the desire
of the team, I suggest a link is placed in Fedora news and a post
submitted to the forum.



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