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Re: Nodoka - Fedora Theme Draft

On request from Jiri Jakub Masek I made new set of buttons (I made the
right corner of a window clickable, so that focus can be assigned by
clicking on it), on request from some people even make yet darker the
"dark side", and made a very incomplete sketch of widgets (currently
incomplete menu, toolbars, status bar and progress bar). I don't have
much free time lately, so the progress will be rather slow... Please
bear in mind that these are first sketches and colouring is meant to be
adjusted after majority of widgets is prepared to better fit together
with the rest and to look nice to as many people as possible. And the
stage of adjusting I would like to be more community driven - i.e. more
direct contributors and more "prereviewers" and I would also consider it
final stage before the real theme making will start.

Thanks for comments,


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