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Re: Official fedora logo in SVG? where is it?

Ben Arnold wrote:
On 20/06/07, Mark <markg85 gmail com> wrote:
Could someone add the SVG logo on the wiki there with a transparent
background or a png version with a transparent background.

I believe that you can e-amil logo fedoraprejct org (or whatever the
e-mail address is on the Logo wiki page) with a request for such a
file then they will send it to you. This might be to protect the
quality of fedora-derived imagery with the official logo on it.

Or wait until Mairin read her emails, I believe she is in charge with this... but the logo@ address is the proper channel.

IIRC, the requirement to ask permission is to protect the trademark.

I, personally do not have a SVG with it, either, I just use a
self-made crop of it!

Well, if one know where to look, there are plenty of sources to get the SVG, even a version as official as possible :p

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