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Re: Official fedora logo in SVG? where is it?

oke i will.
thanx for the reply.

2007/6/20, Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com>:
Mark wrote:
>> Well, if one know where to look, there are plenty of sources to get the
>> SVG, even a version as official as possible :p
> i know and i did found some but i just want to have the original and
> official logo.
> and i will wait for Mairin to response here. i`m not in a rush anyway.

Mark, you need to request the logo via the logo fedoraproject org so we
can track who we've given the logo to and who has agreed to the usage
agreement. I can help you if you send a formal request to the logo email

I would prefer to not handle mailing list / personal email logo requests
- it makes tracking things a lot easier if everything goes through the
logo@ ticket queue.


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