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Re: Nodoka Theme - Metacity Development

> This is really nice work, Martin.  A couple observations:
Thanks :)

> 1. The darker color for the window title bar seems the better choice
> because it doesn't drag the eye away from the content of the windows.
Hm... I never though of that, good observation.

> 2. The thicker window borders are probably a requirement, because the
> thin ones don't give an appearance of actionable space for users to
> click and drag.
Actually, as I test the metacity theme I discovered that also... So I
decided to have 3 pixel wide borders.

Please check new snapshot [1]. In addition to "Frame pieces" it draws a
window title as well. I also adjusted the colours and sizing a little
and done all window types and almost all window styles - I am a little
unsure what the shaded style stands for... I also did some optimisations
to the XML code so it is more sane now... I put the updated snapshot on
the wiki [2].


[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MartinSourada/NodokaDraft

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