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Re: Nodoka Theme - Metacity Development

Hi all,

I have great news for all who wish to try the Nodoka theme... I have
more or less finished the Metacity theme - the visual style is done,
maybe some adjustments will be needed (depends on feedback), but the
code itself needs a clean up... But it should be fully functional now,
so if you experience any problems with it please let me know. You can
download it [1] on the NodokaDraft wiki [2]. It's version 0.0.1 version
0.0.2 will be considered as first Nodoka Metacity stable release and
blocker are any problems and dirty code... So simply said, the 0.0.1
version is first beta.

Oh, and I added a short README file and decided to development it under
GPLv2. If you think I have chosen badly, please let me know, I can
change it ;)

I would appreciate any feedback :)


[2] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MartinSourada/NodokaDraft

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