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Re: fedora 8 artwork - deadline reminder

Mark wrote:
My artwork is far at this moment but i`m still wondering if making artwork will be good.. because with F7 the Redhat people decided to make the theme internal even with alot of good theme proposals. so if redhat plans to do this same trick again when all the proposals have been made than i would like to know this now because than i quit my theming efforts because they won`t be used anyway.

So: can you guarantee that proposals made here actually have a chance of being used? Or: we make stuff and redhat decides to make something different? (and thereby making our stuff useless)

I don't think *anybody* can make a guarantee, it may turn in the end all our proposals are crap or something.

But keep in mind a few things:
- currently Red Hat does not have any employee in charge of desktop artwork (since Diana left) and probably will not have someone for this entire release cycle (or until too late in the release cycle);
- the entire talk was started by Matthias from the Red Hat Desktop Team;
- we have support from the Fedora leadership: http://lwn.net/Articles/237700/

I don't think anyone can make better guarantees, but this look good enough to me.

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