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Re: fedora 8 artwork - deadline reminder

On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 15:37 +0200, Mark wrote:
> My artwork is far at this moment but i`m still wondering if making
> artwork will be good.. because with F7 the Redhat people decided to
> make the theme internal even with alot of good theme proposals. so if
> redhat plans to do this same trick again when all the proposals have
> been made than i would like to know this now because than i quit my
> theming efforts because they won`t be used anyway. 
Hm... I think this discussion is about Release Dependent theme, I saw
from you only mockup od KDE and that's IMHO is not considered Release
Dependent. Are you making a wallpaper as well? If yes, I am eager to see
it, your KDE theme is so far very nice :)

> So: can you guarantee that proposals made here actually have a chance
> of being used?
> Or: we make stuff and redhat decides to make something different? (and
> thereby making our stuff useless)
> This might seem like annoying questions but they are important for me
> to know. and i think this is important for everyone to know. so please
> a official and public (don`t pm me with it) answer. 

I don't think they'll do this again... And even if they do, your effort 
wouldn't be useless. There's an ongoing effort of providing users with 
alternative graphics... And actually there are a lot of people using 
the wallpapers form the F7 theme contest. If your work is good it's never


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