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Fedora-Themed Laptop Skin?


Bought a brand-new laptop about 3 months ago, got rid of the scourge known as Vista and run Fedora on it exclusively.  I LOVE IT!!!  I'm constantly telling people about it and have already converted my Mom and two family friends to Fedora, too.  But I want more!
I travel a lot on business and what I'd really like is a snazzy, sharp-looking Fedora-Themed Laptop skin that I can put on my computer so people in airports/cafes/restaurants etc. will see it and start asking questions.  I haven't been able to find one, and I don't think anything I'd come up with would be as cool or as nice as what you guys would be able to cook up.  I have a few suggestions, though: It should come in various sizes, to cover everything from the tiny Sony Vaio's up to the humongous widescreen laptops of today; it should also be generic, i.e. not specifically associated or branded with any particular Fedora release.  Something with the Bubbles or even the DNA would be cool...
Let me know what you think of this idea, and if you come up with something, tell me where I can get it!

Thanks, and keep the good stuff coming!

Warren R. Appel
Casper, WY

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