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Re: Fedora-Themed Laptop Skin?

Anand Capur wrote:
On 6/25/07, *KE7NPF*
    Bought a brand-new laptop about 3 months ago, got rid of the scourge
    known as Vista and run Fedora on it exclusively.  I LOVE IT!!!  I'm
    constantly telling people about it and have already converted my Mom
    and two family friends to Fedora, too.  But I want more!
    I travel a lot on business and what I'd really like is a snazzy,
    sharp-looking Fedora-Themed Laptop skin that I can put on my
computer so people in airports/cafes/restaurants etc. Sounds good, by skin do you mean like a vinyl decal that you stick to the outsides of the laptop. Also, would it cover the entire laptop (closed), or just the top.

Is there any place, preferably an online shop, who sell such things? You know, something like CafePress or Lulu, so we can leverage some existing knowledge. I don't own a laptop neither plan to buy one on the near future (the old story, the hardware is underpowered, does not support Linux well and the prices are high) but I imagine if we had a kind of template we can easily make graphics for it.

In the meantime, here are a few notebook stickers I made some time ago (but don't know where you can print them):

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my Fedora stuff: http://fedora.nicubunu.ro

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