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Re: [F8 Theme Proposal] Fedora Infinity

Máirí­n Duffy wrote:
The slogan for it could be: "Fedora: Infinite Boundaries"

Freedom, community, and infinity are the three basic concepts that are represented in the Fedora logo. The basic concept for this theme is that Fedora, as the leading Linux distro, is always pushing the boundaries of technology. Because we're always pushing forward, we're always glimpsing into the infinite.

See the full proposal at:


I'll have to think more about it and maybe experiment with some graphics for more constructive feedback, but here are a few quick thoughts.

I like the idea, "Infinite Boundaries" is a good concept.

The "Perspective" concept is the one I like the most. I can't decide if I like better the structures (they are human-made, just like Fedora and at the same time they aspire to Infinity) or if I like better the trees (as nature is always refreshing and put us in touch with our humanity).

The "Ocean" concept is something "tried and true", you can't go wrong with a beautiful ocean picture. But at the same time, this is an over-used concept, so I think I would prefer something more original. Maybe we can find an original take of the "ocean" concept? The shore line saying something? Or the waves with a shape saying something?

The "Repetition" concept is intriguing, it may give us some interesting results, but also the images here are the most busy, loaded with small details, which is not good for a background. On a sideline: probably some such repetitive graphics will *not* work in certain places (Anaconda banner). But is hard to argue about repetition by itself, some kind of repetition is found in the tree photo from "Perspective" and I like that.

Your intention is to have those as photos, as vector or as photo manipulations? (you linked to a few photo manipulations on flickr)

About Ignacio's complaint about vertigo: I think it can be avoided by careful choice in colors, without very contrasting areas, but we have to try.

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