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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based

Nicu wrote:
> I did more thinking about hosting and aggregating (if we decide to
> run 
> our own gallery):
> - for hosting: not everybody has his own hosting solution, is willing
> to 
> pay for one and all free services are less then perfect. So for those
> in 
> heed a gallery or something provided by Fedora could be very useful.
> - for aggregating only: if we host content, then we probably will
> want 
> to police it, so only aggregation will provide more freedom to the 
> contributors. 


You and Mo have a much better sense of this than I but in my mind if we
don't host our own solution we lose opportunities to "promote Fedora".
By that I mean what if the Fedora gallery became the defacto standard
for the exchange of computer art? :)

I believe the group has the talent and that would be very exciting.



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