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Re: artTeam Home Page Mockup

Mo wrote:
> (I do not think that putting together an 
> extra theme package for (the artist formerly known as) extras
> requires 
> working with Desktop team at all, although we will need someone with 
> some packaging experience to help us put it together.) 

I was thinking more along a buffet style theme. For example, break down
the artwork of Fedora 6 into the changeable GDM components (ie. grub,
rhgb, login, and wallpaper). Craft a how-to wiki page to describes
how-to build the images and include an optional install script.

Not as automated as a "RPM" package but very flexible (ie. I like grub,
rhgb, but dislike gdm login). For those who desire to build and package
new themes, this info is a good start.

IMO flexibility and freedom of choice is key. I thought I would mock up
a "GRUB" page to see how it plays out.


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