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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based

John Baer wrote:
You and Mo have a much better sense of this than I but in my mind if we
don't host our own solution we lose opportunities to "promote Fedora".
By that I mean what if the Fedora gallery became the defacto standard
for the exchange of computer art? :)

I believe the group has the talent and that would be very exciting.

I kind of think, though, this is what we had concluded about a year ago and since the results have basically been nothing over this long timespan, I think it's better to just admit that it is not easy to build something like this and focus on the artwork instead. Start a community now somewhere and hopefully migrate to a Fedora-hosted, Fedora-based solution is probably better than to not have artwork-sharing community at all.

As it is, some of us have been using deviantart but it's not been an 'official' channel for folks to share artwork; if we're going to have one anyway we might as well make sure everyone knows about it and can participate.

Does that make sense?


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