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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based

John Baer wrote:
Nicu wrote:

- for aggregating only: if we host content, then we probably will
want to police it, so only aggregation will provide more freedom to the contributors.

You and Mo have a much better sense of this than I but in my mind if we
don't host our own solution we lose opportunities to "promote Fedora".
By that I mean what if the Fedora gallery became the defacto standard
for the exchange of computer art? :)

OK, I think it is the case to speak more directly about what I have in my mind: for a project (be it Art or anything else) to be successful, they key is to give its users what they want. Some users want to get and some contributors may want to offer some content which fedoraproject.org may not want to host (direct jokes on Microsoft or other competitors, NSFW stuff, etc.). I suspect we will not want to host this stuff but will be OK with aggregating it.

In any case, we *will* host something, be it the full gallery or an aggregation of galleries hosted elsewhere, so we will not lose the opportunity to promote.

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