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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based

Cam wrote:

While there's talk of hosting and aggregating... I know you've mentioned deviantart. It might be worth taking a look at art.gnome.org for ideas too.

Using art.gnome.org was one of the ideas proposed by Mairin but she also said "I don't think we have the resources for something like that right now". And we don't have the resources, but I have hope the Infrastructure project will offer some additional resources, is up to us to offer manpower.

Recently they changed policy to accept only Gnome related backdrops (I had contribbed some Nature / Abstract ones). I was a bit disappointed even though they seem to still be accepting non-Gnome stuff.

I also contributes in the past a few graphics to art.gnome.org so I can say it lack some needed features (no direct upload from users, no control over your own work, no RSS feeds for each user). AFAIK, a new version of the backend in under work, so maybe it would have those features.

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