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Re: ArtTeam Wiki ReDesign

O/H John Baer έγραψε:
> All,
> I've been working in the wiki over the weekend and posted a few
> changes. :)

Hey John,

good work. Keep it up!

> 1. The ArtWork wiki page is now the home of the ArtTeam. However, there
> is a design flaw I must point out. The original page and many others
> that followed were name "Artwork". This is not a wiki name.
> Ref: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/WikiName
> Therefore I named the new ArtTeam page "ArtWork" which is a wiki name.
> If there is agreement I will go through and correct the other pages.

It is not necessary that all pages have a wiki name. The difference is that
WikiNames are automatically linked to the page whether other page names need to
be [:Linked:] manually. Since "artwork" is an english word, it seems more
appropriate to me to keep it non-wiki-word (ie. Artwork).

> 2. Introduction of wiki themes. I have not seen this done before but I
> created a method to theme the ArtTeam wiki (and any other) pages. IMO I
> believe the new pages look nice. See this page for the details on how it
> is done.

We've discussed this with Mairin and its great that you went forward and
implemented it already.

My only comment is to minimize the hard-coded HTML and try to put things in CSS
as much as possible. So, the 8 lines of header-code could possibly become:

  ||<tableclass="pageHeader artTeam">||

And if we do enable the CardMacro plugin we could add custom text the page that
includes it:

  [[Card(PageHeader artTeam, Welcome to the art team)]]

We need to investigate a bit more for this plugin so that we avoid chaos in the
wiki. :/

> 3. Change to the art work and placement of the image. I had the desire
> to use many of the elements found in the fedora community (font & color)
> in the ArtTeam header. It's not fancy but IMO it's tasteful and the code
> is efficient. If you have a vision please submit it.

I didn't know we could use "from" and "to" in Include statements. Cool!0

> 4. Some cleanup is needed. 
> - We have a duplicate in the FC6 specifications.
> - The old Artwork page was renamed to ArtworkDeprecated. Probably should
> go.

When we move pages, its better to keep the old one and add a #REDIRECT line in
them, like this:

  #REDIRECT Artwork

> - Dimitris, I created a new page of "Fedora Colors" (great idea!) using
> the ArtTeam theme.
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/ArtWork/FedoraColors
> If you like it we'll keep it, otherwise we can go with your original.

Of course I like it. Can you please add a redirect to the new one?


Dimitris Glezos
Jabber ID: glezos jabber org, GPG: 0xA5A04C3B

"He who gives up functionality for ease of use
loses both and deserves neither." (Anonymous)

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