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Re: Request: User Image Submissions - Deadline March 15, 2007

John Baer wrote:
Diana wrote:

    The user submissions, which were originally to be uploaded to
    OpenClipArt, are now being relocated to GNOME-look.org. Please
    note the
    change in location and upload information. I've updated my
    previous blog
    post [1] with the relevant information, so please reread and
    If you've emailed me directly, then I'll just repost your
    submission. My
    apologies for any inconvenience and thank you again for your patience
    and participation.


Just a point of clarification on image sizes. The target size for face browser is 96x96px. :)

In addition you would like images scaled down to 48x48px {?} and scaled up to (192x192, 384x384) {?}.


Would you prefer the svg?



If it is a vector image, then just submit a 96x96 .svg since it can be resized without quality loss.

If the submission is a bitmap, I am looking for 2 images. 1) Large square original and 2) 96x96 version.

The minimum size should be 96x96 to match what we currently have. In addition to this, it would be extremely useful for future projects to have access to a larger square original of the image. Larger being as large as your original is. The original cropped image of my gothDuck example ended up being 2211x2211 pixels. Please DO NOT scale up a small image though...if the original is only 500x500, that's good too, submit that. There are no specs for the large image and so it's a bit flexible. Think of providing the larger image like including the source.

I recommended scaling down to 48x48 and 24x24 so that you, as the submitter, can see whether or not your image will work at these use case sizes. While useful, these are not necessary as part of the submission.

Hope that helps.

John - Thanks for putting together a wiki for this submission request.

Diana Fong
Red Hat Visual Designer

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