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Re: Getting a better sense of community - gallery based groups

On Thu, 2007-03-01 at 09:09 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
> This is a dA paid subscription: http://inkscapers.deviantart.com/ and 
> its gallery feed: 
> http://backend.deviantart.com/rss.xml?q=by%3Ainkscapers+sort%3Atime+-in%3Ascraps&type=deviation
> Is exactly the same as for an unpaid account.

Oh man. So I was thinking, hmm, maybe we could write a python script
that would modify the deviantart RSS feed to add the thumbnails, but
looking at the thumbnail URLs there isn't a way to do that from the
guid. *However* I did find this: 

Seems hacky though, if dA changes things around it would break.

Although this article does mention that dA 'pasties' include thumbnails
if you have a paid account... hmm....

> - for hosting: not everybody has his own hosting solution, is willing to 
> pay for one and all free services are less then perfect. So for those in 
> heed a gallery or something provided by Fedora could be very useful.
> - for aggregating only: if we host content, then we probably will want 
> to police it, so only aggregation will provide more freedom to the 
> contributors.

This is an interesting observation. I don't see why we couldn't do
both. :)

I set up a page to try to capture all this discussion:


As noted on the page from the discussions we had on the infrastructure
list, it seems that to move forward, we need to:

* Formally define our requirements

* File an RFR (request for resources) with the infrastructure team once
we work out our requirements.

I took a quick stab at a requirements list:


What do you think? Am I missing anything? Disagree with the priority of
any of the items? It's on the wiki, so feel free to discuss and
modify. :)

It may just be that we discuss this with the Infrastructure Team and
find out they might not have time for a while, so we stick with say
DeviantArt or Flickr and just have a planet feed of our artwork for now,
and later on the Infrastructure Team might help us build out what we
need. Or maybe they'd have time now. So I think moving forward we'll
either end up in one of those two scenarios. If we end up in the first
one though we'll need to decide what system we want to go with in the


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