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Re: document-page-setup or/and document-properties icon mockups.

Le Mer 7 mars 2007 16:29, Martin Sourada a écrit :
> I made the icons as you sugested. I made a microscope [1], put it as an
> image on
> a page [2] and deleted lines [3]. Which of them is better?

Thanks a lot

> If you {all} don't have any further sugestion, can two of the icons form
> this
> post and/or from the inilial post be chosen for document-page-setup and
> document-properties?
> [1] microscope.png
> [2] document-properties-7.png
> [3] document-properties-7a.png

I don't like the one with lines, they make the form difficult to see
For the one without lines, maybe putting the document under the microscope
instead of the microscope inside the page would be clearer:
- for me "stuff inside page" = "one particular file type")
- you'd get a mnemotechnic shape, which is always good

But hopefully others will comment.

Nicolas Mailhot

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