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Re: document-page-setup or/and document-properties icon mockups.

Martin Sourada wrote:
So, if everyone agree I will consider it as the one. In that case if you don't
have any further comments I will make smaller versions and upload it to wiki.

Also, what about the document-page-setup? Should we use the same icon, or one of
the others, or do you have any idea, how it could look like?

Martin Sourada

Nicolas Mailhot napsal(a):
Le mercredi 07 mars 2007 à 20:35 +0100, Martin Sourada a écrit :
Oups, posted wrongly, so again the attachement.
I definitively like this one more than the others.

Lots of excellent work posted today for this thread. I was a bit skeptical about the microscope idea because it is such a complex shape, but you seem to have pulled it off quite nicely. I am, however, still concerned about how the microscope idea would render in the smaller sizes. Perhaps in those cases, you can just use the flat microscope shape from version 7 and 7a? To keep consistency with your current version, the flat microscope shape would be slightly elevated from the page. Just an idea...

I also would like to hear opinions about the use of the wrench or screwdriver + hammer metaphor currently used to represent 'properties' and 'setup' throughout the desktop, and how the use of the microscope can cause confusion. Perhaps it's just me. I don't have an answer to this, but believe that if we are to introduce the microscope in signifying this, or a similar, action...we should clearly state, when a wrench would be used, when the microscope would be used, etc. Please help clarify.

Martin, your post today on shadows, shall I include that in the Echo Guidelines? Did you find any of the feedback from the previous 'shadows' thread useful to include?
Diana Fong
Red Hat Visual Designer

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