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Re: document-page-setup or/and document-properties icon mockups.

On 07/03/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:

> I also would like to hear opinions about the use of the wrench or
> screwdriver + hammer metaphor currently used to represent 'properties'
> and 'setup' throughout the desktop, and how the use of the microscope
> can cause confusion.
setup is very different from properties. You go into setup to change
stuff and have access to configuration utilities. OTOH properties are
mostly used in passive look-at-it context, and a lot of properties are

Setup for base settings while properties are per-session or document?

If I'm honest, the microscope would not work as well as a metaphor
because that says 'search' or 'analyse' to me rather than properties.
That said, I always look for the text alongside that icon because it
is an easily identifiable word but that doesn't excuse it in toolbars.
The doc-prop-4 without the cog to the bottom-right and the single
spanner in #2 are my personal favourites. I think #4 would fit in more
with the other action emblems and #4 gives across the idea of more
core/basic settings well.

My 2p.


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