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Re: document-page-setup or/and document-properties icon mockups.

Ben Arnold wrote:
On 07/03/07, Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net> wrote:
Diana Fong wrote:

> I also would like to hear opinions about the use of the wrench or
> screwdriver + hammer metaphor currently used to represent 'properties'
> and 'setup' throughout the desktop, and how the use of the microscope
> can cause confusion.
setup is very different from properties. You go into setup to change
stuff and have access to configuration utilities. OTOH properties are
mostly used in passive look-at-it context, and a lot of properties are

Setup for base settings while properties are per-session or document?

If I'm honest, the microscope would not work as well as a metaphor
because that says 'search' or 'analyse' to me rather than properties.
That said, I always look for the text alongside that icon because it
is an easily identifiable word but that doesn't excuse it in toolbars.
The doc-prop-4 without the cog to the bottom-right and the single
spanner in #2 are my personal favourites. I think #4 would fit in more
with the other action emblems and #4 gives across the idea of more
core/basic settings well.

'Properties' does seem to present less options to change, however (using OpenOffice Writer as an example) it does seem that the user can set or tweak some things. I think that's what's causing the confusion, the ability to set changes. Therefore, I like Ben's explanation best...that setup is for base settings while properties are per-session/document. Both of which indicate some sort of tweaking or change, which a microscope doesn't really convey. I'd like to propose we continue to use the hammer/wrench for 'setup' since we seem to all agree that 'setup' allows for the most change. As for properties, personally...I would like to stick with the same hammer/wrench or cog symbol. However, I feel less strongly about this point...as 'properties' also seem to present a lot of information that is static as well. We can definitely test out the microscope idea, and see how people feel when used in context.

To throw another related term in the mix...'preferences'...I think should probably follow what we choose for 'setup' as it also allows for much setting and changing of things.

Diana Fong
Red Hat Visual Designer

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