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Bluecurve style: announcing QSimpleStyle

Hello there,

 This message is meant to be directed for Bluecurve developers. If you
guys know of a better address please forward to it.

 I have recently started a project for having kde applications rendered
as gtk ones (the inverse of gtk-qt-engine). For that, I have come up
with a middle layer which I have called of QSimpleStyle.
 This framework sits on top of QStyle which it shapes into two methods;
one for drawing primitives of the various elements of a widget, the
other asks for attributes of the said elements.

 More info at: http://gtk4qt.sourceforge.net/qsimplestyle/

 It is early work, but the efforts you spent with it are efforts
you save from the maintenance of your style as it is especially
useful for cross-desktop styles. Hope to hear from you.


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