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Re: mockup for user information interface

Mark wrote:
    What are the advantages of your mockup over the current (and
    HIG-compliant [1]) screen? What issues are you trying to address /
    are you trying to accomplish?

HIG-compliant [1]?? i have no idea what that is.

The [1] is a footnote reference. The footnote I provided points to:


I advise you read this document if you'd like to provide useful interface mockups for GNOME as it's the guidelines that all GNOME apps are supposed to adhere to.

furthermore i`m not actually trying to improve issues.. i`m just trying to improve the usabillity of those user images and user information and i don`t see any reason why you should have 2!! images for one user..

So you are trying to solve a problem whereby there are two images for one user? Can you elaborate?

becuase that`s how it`s currently done. in this screenshot: http://img471.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot2jg7.png you see the windows:
- Login Photo Preferences

Where does the logo photo preferences window come from?

Using FC 6 at least I don't see that Window. Using Fedora Core 6, I click on the little icon next to the 'Fedora Live CD' text in the 'About Fedora Live CD' window, select a graphic, and it appears in the little icon. When I log out of Fedora, and if I use a face browser GDM theme, then I see that same photo next to my name. There is no 'Login Photo Preferences' window that I am familiar with? How did you get to that window?

    For example, because the form fields in your mockup don't have labels
    with shortcut keys. Will a visually-impaired user be able to target
    specific form fields without label shortcut keys?

well.. that`s for the coding (which i can`t do) people to make. i think those shortcut keys can just be addressed in the code.. for example: CTRL+U = Username field

Do you see how in the current screen, the shortcuts are underlined? How would a user know to hit Ctrl + U? Also, is the Ctrl + U key combination bound to some other function? (probably)

Also, how does changing these text fields to a non-standard format address the issue you're focused on - the two user icon window issue? What are you trying to solve with these changes? Do you understand the potential problems they might cause?


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