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Re: mockup for user information interface

Mark wrote:
*** this is the real rply. the other one was a mistake :P i pressed enter instead of shift..

I addressed the other comments in my other reply so I will not repeat them here.


none in that case.. just info that belongs together in a window together and not seperated. "About Me" and "Login Photo" should be in the same window.. since the login photo is a "personal" setting and personal settings have a nice place in the About me window

If it is not an improvement....?

    This isn't standard form behavior (it's important to try to be
    consistent across applications on the desktop so users get used to the
    conventions) and as previously mentioned will likely cause accessibility

i don`t see how that could be a accessibility problem..

It is a very big accessibility problem. If someone cannot access the form field to fill it out, they can't fill it out, and thus they can't use the application.

    If the text appears light grey by default, don't you think that would
    send a visual cue (by convention) to users that the text is immutable
    (when it is mutable) ?

nope. if you can`t edit text the complete textfield should be "lighter". i don`t see a problem with this.

There's only so light you go before the text becomes unreadable. The standard convention is that immutable text is light grey, so if you color your text light grey people are going to assume its immutable. Really. Print out your mockup and show it to 7 people, and ask them how they would use that dialog. I bet at least 2 or 3 of them will wonder if they can actually edit the text.

Web UI patterns do not always translate to desktop app models and vice-versa.

    I recommend the Gimp and Inkscape. If you design for Fedora you should
    use Fedora to do it, no? :) If you need help setting these up or using
    them feel free to ask here!

hehe i don`t agree on that.

Surely there's a reason you're trying to migrate to Fedora? Why is photoshop an exception to that?

    Hope this feedback helps. Even though I do not agree with the changes
    you have made in this mockup, it is clear that you are quite good at
    working with graphics tools so I hope you will stick around and are
    willing to learn more about interface design!

insulting me on my graphics design isn`t nice :P btw..

Hey now Mark, I was not insulting your graphics design skills at all! I was complimenting them. What I was suggesting you might look to do is work on understanding some interface design principles. It is one thing to mock up a pretty interface (which you are clearly capable of), but it is quite a bit more complicated to mock up a pretty interface that is also usable and fits within the established conventions, right? Remember, you actively sought feedback here, and I am just trying to provide you with feedback to help you improve. I am not trying to insult you at all. I hope you can understand?

the thing with the red borders is a comment box.. that`s NOT part of the mockup..

I understood that quite clearly and did not assume it was part of the mockup nor did I even mention it in my comments.

just to explain some little stuff that otherwise would be hard to figure out.

That is what I tried to do by explaining about how the form fields you mocked up will not be accessibility-compliant and suggesting that you take a look at the GNOME HIG.

and i don`t see anything wrong with the rest of my mockup.. i could add some nifty things but that would be harder to code.
and i would be glad to learn more things with graphics.

I think you are already quite skilled with graphics. What you need to learn more about is interface design.

also let me point out that i made this stuff because i simply can`t understand that there are 2 different user images for users while you hardly see any of those anywhere.. i never encounted them on my default FC7 installations.

That is a perfectly reasonable complaint; I have not used the Fedora Live CD, only Fedora 6 so I never experienced that 2 dialog issue but I agree that it is a problem.

also the best thing i could think of with this stuff is a so called "Edit in place" for the form.

What is the advantage of the edit in place over the current label + form field model?

thanx for the feedback so far

Yep, I hope you haven't been too turned off and can take this as a learning experience?


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