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Re: mockup for user information interface

oke my first mockup was just as a suggestion on how i think gnome can be improved, but my second mockup (a few posts back) is just meant as: "how WOULD you like something like that?" and "do you think that will be easy to use" it`s not meant as a gnome improvement at this moment because (if i`m correct) it`s not even possible to do this at this moment in gnome.. or it`s verry hard.

so just see it as a "would you like that" question..

2007/3/15, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro>:
Mark wrote:
> looking interesting
> but please stay on the subject.. i really would like to know what you
> all think of my last mockup
> and than leave out the consideration that some parts might nog be
> possible in linux yet because the engine doesn`t exists (YET)

The majority of us probably will say the same thing as Máirí­n: follow
the Gnome HIG and if you think the HIG is perfectible, try to change it
upstream (you will hear a lot the "upstream" mantra in the Fedora world).

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