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Re: Request: User Image Submissions - Deadline March 15, 2007

here are my submissions:

i hope they make there way in.


2007/3/15, Ben Arnold <ben arnold inbox gmail com>:
On 14/03/07, Nicu Buculei <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:
> You know, there is a size limit for attachments for the list (currently
> set at 80KB) and I had to allow it manually from the moderation interface.
> Please do not attach such huge files in the future, is not nice. Post
> them somewhere online (maybe on our wiki) and pass the link here.
> I hope I had not upset anyone by allowing such a big attachment.

Yes, there have been other times where I have canceled a post because,
for example, an SVG was too big and I have then compressed it or not
sent it at all. I just found it would be easier to have all the sizes
in one container to save linking to five Imageshack pages.

Personally, I wouldn't mind attachments under 1mB but I know some people would.


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