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Re: Bluecurve style: announcing QSimpleStyle

Ricardo Cruz wrote:
Hello there,

 This message is meant to be directed for Bluecurve developers. If you
guys know of a better address please forward to it.

Bluecurve was done almost entirely by a single person - Garrett LeSage, who does not work for Red Hat anymore. Fedora itself has moved to using Clearlooks for GNOME and possibly Plastik for KDE in Fedora 7 which is the default upstream themes. The Bluecurve icon set has also been replace by Echo in the current development tree.

 I have recently started a project for having kde applications rendered
as gtk ones (the inverse of gtk-qt-engine). For that, I have come up
with a middle layer which I have called of QSimpleStyle.
 This framework sits on top of QStyle which it shapes into two methods;
one for drawing primitives of the various elements of a widget, the
other asks for attributes of the said elements.

 More info at: http://gtk4qt.sourceforge.net/qsimplestyle/

 It is early work, but the efforts you spent with it are efforts
you save from the maintenance of your style as it is especially
useful for cross-desktop styles. Hope to hear from you.

It is useful to have it in the repository and see if we can get people to experiment and be creative with it. Do you want to maintain it in Fedora?



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