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Re: Bluecurve style: announcing QSimpleStyle

Rahul Sundaram napsal(a):
> It is useful to have it in the repository and see if we can get people
> to experiment and be creative with it. Do you want to maintain it in
> Fedora?
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PackageMaintainers.
> Rahul
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Agreed, but I also noticed on their homepage that QSimpleStyle is a part of
gtk4qt project which aims to be for Gnome what is gtk-qt-engine for KDE - i.e.
transition layer for kde to use gtk themes directly (and thus allowing Gnome
users to have QT apps look like if they were GTK apps). I think it would be
useful to have this package as well, and probably QSimpleStyle only as a subpackage.


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