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Re: Echo icon set: preferences-system mockups

On 19/03/07, Martin Sourada <martin sourada seznam cz> wrote:
Ben Arnold napsal(a):
> How about the orange that is used in the recent document-properties
> lot? I would have thought that contrasted nicelyh with the blue in the
> monitor and gives a more universal  association with that colour.
> I imagine, on the smaller versions, the screwdriver head might need to
> be a little darker or thicker for clarity but the rest of it looks
> good.
Hmm, not a bad idea. I made new version (16x16 size included). Please, check it out.

Those colours look great together, the screwdriver stands out so the
focus isn't on the (bigger) monitor or PC. To me, the 16 version looks
like it is system-display-config or something similar; might I suggest
having the PC box included, maybe in front of the monitor, to show
that it is the config for the whole machine?

> I would produce a mockup but there is no SVG with this thread :)
> ./b
Well, I think there is some limit in this list for size of attachments and svgs
are too big. If there is need I can e-mail it to you directly or post it on my
wiki page.

It could be useful on a personal wiki page; not only can everyone get
to it but you can get the previous versions should any modifcations
turn out worse! The limit is ~800kB IIRC,there has been the odd
occaision where I have sent large attachments and they have been okay
with the moderators. It's best on a wiki page, though.

Also, what about the preferences-system-1 (the wrench with a screwdriver). Is it
suitable for gnome-settings? Is it ok?

I would think so, it depends on what settings that menu item actually
configures (I use KDE so I can't remember!) If it is quite broad or
random then that seems a good solution to me.


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