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Re: Bluecurve style: announcing QSimpleStyle

Joachim Frieben wrote:
Bluecurve was done almost entirely by a single person - Garrett LeSage, who does not work for Red Hat anymore. Fedora itself has moved to using Clearlooks for GNOME and possibly Plastik for KDE in Fedora 7 which is the default upstream themes. The Bluecurve icon set has also been replace by Echo in the current development tree.

However, the "Bluecurve" icon theme was and still is the default icon theme for all "RHEL" versions including 5 [supported until *2014*], and therefore certainly deserves some maintenance either by the "Fedora" community or "Red Hat" its
At least keep symlinks up to date as in the case of "Places > CD/DVD Creator" which used to show the correct "Bluecurve" icon up to "FC5" but now uses a "Tango" one even when the "Bluecurve" icon theme has been chosen.

What RHEL ships is completely irrelevant to fedora-art list. So if you want to file bugs in Bluecurve icons for RHEL, you should use Red Hat support channels or bugzilla for RHEL as appropriate. For FC5 it is pretty much in a freeze where security bugs are fixed and such cosmetic issues wont get much attention so late in the release lifecycle.


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