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Re: Bluecurve style: announcing QSimpleStyle

Kelly wrote:
Uh... you didn't accidentally assume "I have" = "I designed", did you?

I actually did. That sentence is ambiguous to me.

At any rate, I meant in Fedora, because Klearlooks is the KDE equivalent of Clearlooks, which is what Fedora is using as default in GNOME. I notice that generally, it does a good job of unifying the appearance of programs (though I am mainly a KDE user, I use GTK+ programs as well, so it's nice to have a setup like Bluecurve/QtCurve/*looks to keep the programs looking the same).

So the question becomes since you use that theme in KDE and use Fedora, are you interested in maintaining the theme package within the Fedora repository?


We would need to have it packaged and readily available before we test and get feedback to decide on a default theme.


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