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Re: Echo - Throbber animation

Ben Arnold napsal(a):
> All,
> I have noticed on the Echo wiki page there is a space for a new
> loading image. I have done some paper-based ideas which I have made a
> quick mockup for; they can be seen on my wiki page [1].
> As this cursor is a kind of key icon, seen by everyone quite a lot of
> the time, I thought it would be one to pick up on with the rest of
> 'em.
> Thanks.
> ./b
> 1. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BenArnold/EchoLoading

It's interesting idea. After some time spent watching the cursor it convinced me
- I like it. Yet there can be some improvement. First of all I would not use the
red colour you used, it's too striking, drags ones attention to the cursor.
Maybe some hue of orange or (typically fedoristic) blue would work better. Next,
I know it's only a sketch, but I think it should look more like one of echo
icons, though it is cursor, now it looks completely different. I think we could
make a complete echo cursor scheme. And finally, I am interested how the same
cursor - but without the arrow will look like. It is also very widely used.


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