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Re: User Images

On Wed, 2007-03-21 at 13:25 +0100, Mark wrote:
> damn.. mine didn`t made it into the main 24 images.. o well.. better
> luck next time.
> btw.. i seem to be the only one that is know with his nickname only
> (markg85) ^_^ o well.. i like my privacy.
> btw.. is a contest like this gonna be held for the next fedora as well (core 8)?
> i sure hope it will.
> Mark.

Hi Mark,

Thanks again for your submissions.  As the plan for this project, and
all its submissions, is to be pushed upstream to GNOME in the coming
weeks. I'd encourage you to created/submit more of these images to the
project there.  Your submissions were quite nice and we thought that if
more were created in that style, it could form a themed set.

I could not find your name from your emails and postings on
GNOME-look.org so went with markg85.  I can easily update the info with
your full name...please let me know what it is and I will update.

Thank you.
Diana Fong
Red Hat Visual Designer

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