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Re: Echo - Throbber animation

On 21/03/07, Martin Sourada <martin sourada seznam cz> wrote:
It's interesting idea. After some time spent watching the cursor it convinced me
- I like it. Yet there can be some improvement. First of all I would not use the
red colour you used, it's too striking, drags ones attention to the cursor.
Maybe some hue of orange or (typically fedoristic) blue would work better.

Thanks. Very true, the red is horrible, it was the nearest colour in
my palette :)
I think the Echo light blue with a white outline or blurry trail? I'm
thinking eventually 3-D here... :-D

I know it's only a sketch, but I think it should look more like one of echo
icons, though it is cursor, now it looks completely different. I think we could
make a complete echo cursor scheme. And finally, I am interested how the same
cursor - but without the arrow will look like. It is also very widely used.

That's probably the next stage after the animation, designing the
pointer. I can imagine a slightly beveled or 3-D arrow would work with
the balls well, contrasting with the iconset. Maybe. Please see my
post on the other thread on this but let's keep this one to just the
animation :)

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