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Re: New projekt? Echo cursor theme

Nicu Buculei napsal(a):
> IIRC, the current cursor theme is not that old as Bluecurve, but
> certainly is made some years ago.
Hm,... than at least it is named Bluecurve... look at mouse cursor settings or
under /usr/share/icons/Bluecurve/cursors.

> Currently Bluecurve have two sets of icons: normal (black) and inverse
> (white). Probably it would be a good idea to keep using two sets (in
> fact there are 4 sets, the two are duplicate for left hand users, but
> this is just mirroring).
Well, I thought we could add to the cursors some depth like in echo icons, then
it would be not just only mirroring, but near that. I think it will be better,
as you suggested, to have these four sets (dark/light right/left-handed).

> A cursor theme has a relatively small number of images, so the quantity
> is not the main problem, the main problem is optimizing the images for
> small size display.
Hmm, the current default are at smallest not smaller than 16x16 - so same
problem as small icons and with bigger sizes there's no problem, I think.

> And my two cents: usually the mouse cursor is shown over a light
> background, so I think a dark theme make sense as the default.
Yeah, I agree, even though I like the white ones more...

> notes:
> - for reference, here you can download the Bluecurve icon thmemes:
> https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/bluecurve/browser/bluecurve/cursors
> (use anonymous git, the web interface has a bug and will not allow
> downloads)
> - unfortunately, we don't have a vector version so you have to start
> from scratch or edit the raster version

Thanks, I already downloaded some cursor themes from gnome-look for reference,
but will look at bluecurve also.


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