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Re: Flying high theme is garbage!

guess it`s just a mather of taste.
i like the new theme.

2007/3/21, Andrew Simkovsky <asimkovsky gmail com>:
I normally don't get involved in artwork on Linux, mostly because I'm not an artist, and I really don't know what I'm talking about in that area.  But in this case I can't sit back and let it happen.

The default Fedora theme in FC7 is flat out crap. Balloons??? Why balloons?  I absolutely LOVED the DNA theme in FC6, and now we are going to some silly hot air balloon?  That is a little too cutesy for such a serious Linux distro as Fedora. 

I know it's too late to vote, but I just had to put in my .02.  I am now looking for a way to change the startup splash screen to get rid of this stupid balloon!

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